Surface measurement for mobile use

Handysurf E-35B
Very simple operation and user-friendly software

X measurement range up to 12.5 mm

Z Measurement range up to ±160 µm

Resolution of 0.01 µm/ ±20 µm to 0.08 µm/ ±160 µm
Handysurf E-40A
Automatic raising and lowering of the probe arm
Handysurf E-45A
Measurement 90° to the feed unit (4 mm) for example on crankshafts
  • Immediate data analysis and display
  • Internal date storage/battery operation
  • Direct data output on the Laptop/ PC
  • Analysis of the roughness values in Excel, or Supportware
  • Connection from the thermal printer
  • Meets all common surface standards
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Area of application
The Handysurf is particularly suitable for use close to manufacturing. Measurements can be taken in several positions due to the removable feed unit. The user-friendly operation of the system and the simple probe exchange make safe and quick self-testing by the worker possible.

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